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One to One Personal Training
Have you ever gone to the gym and thought why am I doing this?, It never makes any difference!, I just can't be bothered!. Well theres no need to.Our Personal Trainers are qualified to the highest possible standards. We guarentee that if you put in the effort you will recieve both mental and physical results. Personal Training is the very best way to focus your exercise time, a trainer will motive and educate you, enabling you to gain the maximum benefit from your efforts.

Lee Sherratt
Qualified as a Personal Trainer in 1989.Ex-Forces trained and Manager of the Centre. Lee is a trainer who will motivate and push you to your maximum potential, he will ensure that you enjoy and benefit from your exercise time. For appointments and enquiries please
call: 020 7267 3600
or 07956 491 639 (M)

Bernie Clifford
This is a little guy with real big ideas. He is full of energy and enthusiasm. Bernie teaches classes including Spinning as well as Personal Training. Don't be fooled by his laid back nature, he will make sure you get your money's worth!
For appointments with Bernie
call: 0958 504 652
Pip Dodgson
Pip is another no nonsense trainer, Pip originates from a Class background teaching everything from Body Max through to High Impact Aerobic Classes. He has a vast amount of Personal Training experience being the eldest of us all! If you want results he'll make sure you earn them. For appointments call: 020 7267 3600
or 07796 041 534

Programme Design
Having a Programme Design done for you is the very next best thing to Personal Training. Our Fitness Consultants will tailor design a programme to suite your specific needs. You attend an initial Consultation in order for the Consultnt to get to know you and then it's full steam ahead, making treks towards acheiving your personal goals.
Jimmy Morgan
Jimmy ensures you work hard, his programmes are not for the feint hearted and are guarenteed to make you work up a sweat. Jimmy also Manages the Gym area and ensures that all of the equipment is maintained and in working order.
Tracey Evans
Tracey's programmes are very popular, she is maticulous in her approach and ensures you get the very best. Tracey also Manages our GP Referral scheme and is currently studying for her BACR - Cardiac Rehab course.